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Feel free to download the pieces of music below for personal, non-commercial use. Note: the music on this website is © 1986-2022 Annius Groenink, it is not free and redistribution without prior consent is strictly prohibited. If you would like to be kept up to date on new releases, please send me an e-mail at the address at the top of this page.

Drama - download MP3
Recorded March, 2008. Aimed to serve as the theme song for a TV drama series. When I started the project in 2003, your average TV show still had a theme of say 1 minute, of course during the project commercial networks reduced the length of their theme songs to 5 seconds. As I haven't decided which 5 seconds to preserve, feel free to download the track as it was originally conceived.

Mood Swing - download MP3
Written and recorded in the summer of 1992 (mastered on audio cassette) with Dennis Maks on guitar. Amazing that most of this song is coming from a small very cheap 'piano top box' called an MT-32, which contained circuitry of the Roland D-50. The piano on this track is an old Roland HP 4000, that models the piano sound instead of using samples, just like the current Roland piano range.

Fuga/Surprise - download MP3
Recorded January, 2009. Originally two separate pieces Fuga and Sweet Surprise written and first recorded in 1987/1988. The Fuga piece is not quite strong enough to go all by itself so I wrapped it around Sweet Surprise. The arpeggio of Fuga is continued as the Sweet Surprise part comes in, which gives it a finishing touch it didn't have in the two earlier versions.

Thalassa - download MP3
Recorded February, 2010. Thalassa IX is a straight reproduction of the 1992 Thalassa IV recording. The Thalassa theme, called Tropisch regenwoud in its very first version, is the oldest of the music on MP3 and dates all the way back to 1987. When I discovered a Thalassa VI one day that I didn't know existed, I decided to call the 2010 recording Thalassa IX, although it may well only be the 7th take.

Subway Entrance - download MP3
Recorded June, 2009. Written and first recorded 1988-1989, Arjan de Weerd and I wrote the lyrics to this song which I then put on music. The original version is one of the very rare recordings on which I can be heard singing (which I will keep safely in my private archives and never make public). I made the backing track to this new Subway Entrance recording by Arjan and singer Wilma de Win (Charladies at Breakfast).


I started playing the piano at age 8 (that would be 1980). In the initial four years practicing mostly classical etudes teachers would complain among other things that I didn't properly bend my fingers. After I was reassigned to "light music", after about a year the problem with the fingers had magically solved itself. In 1986 I had my first synthesizer, a Roland α-Juno 2 which I still use today. In that same year I started composing. Productive periods were 1986-1988, 1991-1992 and I recently started recording again in 2008 with a bunch of new equipment I bought in 2003 after I sold my share in search engine company Eidetica.

My gear at the Ivar Studios

The small room in the attic of our Gouda house where I make my recordings goes by the name of Ivar Studios. In addition to the IKEA furniture, the following equipment is used in the MP3-recordings on this website:

» Roland TD-7 percussion module, JV multitimbral synth module and α Juno 2 DCO analog synthesizer
» Yamaha DX7 expander module and KAWAI ES110 piano
» Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer module
» Alesis Nano Piano module
» Apple G4 iMac
» Logic recording software
» NCH wavepad and burn for postprocessing, WAV to MP3 conversion and burning audio CDs
» IvarCentre custom built Python based MIDI routing and synth programming software.
» Older recordings use a Roland MT-32 multi-timbral sound module and a Roland HP4000 piano.
» Even older recordings use just the Juno-2 and a Philips Sound Mixer dual mono audio cassette system dubbing track on top of track. Some of these ended up consisting of over 50% white noise so they are not on this web site.
» The piano in our living room is a KAWAI Classical Series CS-11 with a wooden sound board and grand piano keyboard action, but now I am getting carried away listing gear.